MAN 4737 Management Consultant Capstone

MAN 4737 Management Consultant Capstone

MAN 4737 Management Consultant Capstone

University of South Florida Muma College of Business Information Systems and Decision Sciences MAN 4737 (CRN: 16336/25208) – Integrated Management Applications Spring Semester 2021 – Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Edwin Mouriño Email: Office Hours: By Appointment Class Days/Hours: Mon 6:30-9:15 p.m. Class Location: Online/Hybrid &/or BSN 2305 Class timeframe: Jan-May 2021 WELCOME TO MAN 4737 – INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS This is the capstone course for Management majors. It will give you a chance to apply what you have learned in your required classes. In this class you will practice making and implementing managerial decisions. It will be challenging, interesting, insightful, educational, and you should enjoy yourself along the way. COURSE DESCRIPTION: • This course requires management majors to integrate and apply the concepts taught in the four required courses in the management major: Organizational Behavior Analysis, Human Resources Management, and Organizational Assessment into a capstone project resulting in a written report and presentation. • Below is a short description of each class. Refer to your original class syllabi to gain further insights. MAN 3240 – Organizational Behavior Analysis – The course covers research literature relevant to organizational functioning including behavioral effects of power and authority, formal organization, structural variation, leadership, motivation, and communication. MAN 3301 – Human Resources Management – Defines the role of the Human Resources Director, the Hospitality Human Resources Department, and examines the Hospitality Human Resources functions. MAN 4282 – Organizational Assessment – The analysis and measurement of factors which influence organizational effectiveness and the quality of work life. Data based cases will be used by students to assess managerial and supervisory skills and to measure organizational functioning and work design. The purpose is to integrate and learn to apply previous learning from the three classes. There is no text for this class. You can use whatever resources/textbooks you used for the above classes and ensure you are integrating concepts from all three classes in your assessment, findings, and recommendations. Students will integrate and apply management knowledge that they learned in this program. Student Learning Outcomes By the end of this semester, students will be able to: • Recommend managerial actions based on knowledge covered in required courses in the Management minor and major. • MAN 4737 Management Consultant Capstone


Demonstrate critical thinking and decision-making skills by applying general knowledge to specific instances. • Successfully utilize presentation and report writing skills. Required Textbook • None • For all required readings, refer to your previous class information, books, papers, syllabus, and to Canvas. My Learning Philosophy: My goal is to help you help yourself through this learning experience. I bring with me my Air Force veteran perspective, varied industry/corporate experience, that include management, consulting, and human resources background, along with previous teaching experience. I have been helping leaders help themselves for many years and I bring that approach to the classroom. My intent in anything I bring forward will always be positive. If you ever have questions you’d rather ask outside of class, do not hesitate to email me at or schedule some time to speak. When emailing me or trying to set up time to speak please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. I expect the same from you. Welcome to what I hope will turn out to be the best time of your day when we’re togetherJ. My Expectations of You My expectations of you are that you take the responsibilities of your assignments, class participation, respect of your classmates and myself in the class/online and engaged learning experience. As a senior and soon to be graduate of USF, I have high expectations of each of you. I expect each of you to read the syllabus and be clear on the expectations of the class. I expect senior level work, thorough, professional, timely, comprehensive, and ensure you are addressing the requirements of each assignment. I expect assignments to be in when due, no exceptions for late submissions or assignments. You know in advance when assignments are due. Some of you have work experience (or have worked), my expectations are that you approach this class with the same professionalism you do your job. Special Note for this Semester We are in a unique set of times with the pandemic and because of this I want to make sure our safety and health are front and center. For this reason, we will be holding at least the initial class(es) online/hybrid* (we will meet on day and time class is scheduled for). You are expected to be here when we meet. This class is a summary and practical application of your learnings from previous classes and program and lends itself to meet in a similar manner throughout the semester.MAN 4737 Management Consultant Capstone

I commit to ensuring you still have a value-add learning experience. We will meet initially as a class, and then I will divide our times together for coaching by group. What this means is that your designated consulting team will have designated times during the regularly scheduled class for coaching, case study discussion, and any other questions you may have regarding your papers and projects. This will allow for your group to get dedicated time and coaching for your particular needs. Other groups or members can attend during these times if they want to listen in and learn from other groups. If anyone is concerned about this option and would like to speak with me one-on-one, please let me know. I want to ensure that your learning experience is a positive one. Deliverables and Weight You will submit the following assignments as part of your final grade: 1. Syllabus, Capstone Paper 5 points 2. Consulting Project Grading a. Initial Analysis Paper – 5 points b. Findings Paper – 15 points c. Recommendations Paper – 20 points d. Final Report Paper – 10 points e. Consulting Group Presentation – 10 points f. 360 Team Feedback 10 points 3. Paper Reviews – 15 points 4. Tableau Project – 10 points 100 points Assignment Sheet There will be an assignment sheet in Canvas. This will have when your respective assignments are due. Use this as your guide for assignment due dates. 2 Syllabus, Capstone Paper You are to read and review the Syllabus, the Capstone Paper requirements, and the Consulting is More than Giving Advice paper and then write a two-page paper (plus cover page) as to what you understand as the requirements for the class, what you understand to be a management consultant, and what are the key prior class components to consider as you complete this project. Consulting Project The following project can be done in one of 2-ways: 1. You can contact and partner up with the USF Student Success Department and get a recommended organization from them to conduct your study. Contact Anna Bahvala at 2. You can research a mid-size or large organization of your team’s choosing (not one any of you work for) and research everything you can online and through any vehicle available to you so that you can write and present your findings and recommendations on the organization. You will serve in the role of a management consulting firm. You will assess, conduct a findings piece on potential management/organizational issues the client organization should address, and make recommendations accordingly. You are to name your organization and identify the values/rules that your organization/team will operate under. This will be part of your first paper. • • Students will also analyze and discuss case studies pertaining to the management discipline. MAN 4737 Management Consultant Capstone

Part of your team paper/presentation grade will be 360 feedback on the work ethic of your team members and their role in co-delivering on this project. Paper submittal expectations All papers are to be written 1.5 line-spaced, Arial Font, size 11, and number your pages (except your cove page). Your papers are to have a cover page that should include your name, paper title, and date. Your papers are due in canvas by 6 pm before the class due date. For every day your paper is late, you will be deducted one point/per day. For any papers that include citations, you are to use the latest APA 8th edition format (just for citations at the end of the particular paper). The following link provides you some guidance into this: You are to write your paper in a professional manner. Write it like you’re writing the report for an executive team and not a class report. They are your client, and you should write it in such a manner. Resources for Deliverables Utilizing internet resources, textbook research, critical thinking, experience, imagination and interviews, you will integrate and apply management consulting skills by assessing, researching, and advising/recommending an organization improvement options. Consulting Project and Presentation– 70 points In essence you will provide 4 papers and a final presentation for this portion of your grade. You will write this paper from a management consulting perspective (not a student paper perspective). It will include: • 1st paper – Initial analysis of the organization’s present state, industry, client understanding (if appropriate) of their need. This should include organizational strategy, business imperatives, human capital issues/challenges including skills gap and any other human resources issues, along with any other issues you believe are important for your analysis. This paper will also include a short portion on your organization, its name and mission. You are to write and present an organizational assessment. This paper should be 2-3 pages long plus the cover page and reference/citation section. (5 points) 3 • 2nd paper – Findings from your analysis and research. You should conduct a SWOT analysis on the organization. This should include discussions had with the client (if appropriate) and/or findings from your various internet, articles, organizational announcements/writings, videos, senior leader interviews with others found online, etc. You will do so by utilizing organization visits (due to pandemic-Zoom call or some way to speak with the client), internet resources, textbook research, critical thinking, experience, and imagination. This should provide you a sense if your initial analysis was on target or if you found other issues, perspectives, or surprising findings. This should be a 4-5 page paper similar to the above. (15 points) • 3rd paper – Recommendations for the client. This will include your consulting team’s recommendations for the client based on your findings. This might include reorganization, cultural shift, strategic shift, staffing, staff reductions, merger, training development (to upskill workforce or leadership), etc. This too should be a 4-5 page paper similar to the above. (20 points) • 4th paper – Final Report paper. MAN 4737 Management Consultant Capstone

This paper will include all the previous 3 sections with improvements made based on the feedback of each paper previously submitted. Since it is a final report, you should condense and summarize the writing with appropriate citations/references. This should be a 7-8 page paper plus the cover and reference/citation section. You should also include an executive summary at the beginning of the paper. (10 points) Each paper should improve as you write them with the feedback from the previous papers. • Presentation – your team (all must be part of the presentation) will make a 20 minutes presentation summarizing your consulting project. DO NOT READ YOUR PRESENTATION. (10 points) All your papers should include pieces from the 3 core classes in support of each of your papers. DO NOT CALL THE CLASS TOPICS OUT in your papers. (ex. Org Assessment, HR, and Org Behavior). These core class pieces should be integrated into your papers. You should look to address issues related to the topics addressed in these classes. Ensure they all have citations/references in support of your arguments, findings, recommendations in each paper. You will work in a team to produce written papers throughout the course and to make a final presentation. The coaching sessions are intended to discuss your efforts and research in your papers with advice from your professor. Attendance at coaching sessions is voluntary but beneficial and you will have designated times for your team. These papers will be graded and returned in class the following week. Your Role – during other team plans, findings, sharing, etc., you should be ready to dig deeper and ask questions. You are to help your classmates to consider things they perhaps did not think about. Group papers (60 points) Your papers will be judged based on four equally important criteria: critical analysis (25%), comprehension (25%), clarity (25%), and professionalism (25%). • • • Critical analysis: Demonstrate your thoughtful, sophisticated, and insightful analysis, as opposed to superficial analysis with no nuance Comprehension: Demonstrate your comprehension of the course materials and class discussions Clarity: Demonstrate your clarity, coherence, and organization of your explanations with specific examples or data supporting your argument 4 • Professionalism: Demonstrate your professional writing skills, including good grammar and correct spellings, along with appropriate citations in the main text and the reference list. Failure to include appropriate citations may lead to plagiarism. Very poor or sloppy writing will automatically receive a failing score on this criterion. Plagiarism from online sources, peers’ work, your previous work, and so forth is strictly prohibited. If you borrow ideas from others or yourselves, provide appropriate citations. Academic integrity is a serious matter. I encourage you to refer to related university policies. Group Presentation (10 pointsMAN 4737 Management Consultant Capstone

) You and your group members will make a 20 minute group presentation regarding your group paper. Every one of your group has to speak during the group presentation but you all will receive the same score for the presentation. The grading of the presentation will mainly focus on the following equally important criteria: organization, comprehension, communication aids, critical analysis, and stage presence. Make sure you upload your presentation into Canvas by the due date. • • • • • Organization: Your presentation is clear, concise, and well-organized. Points are easy to follow because of the organization. Transitions between sections are smooth and coordinated. Comprehension: You display an excellent grasp of the course materials. You demonstrate excellent mastery of contents, applications, and implications. Your discussion is focused and indepth. Communication aids: Your presentation is simple, clear, easy to interpret, and easy to read. The slides, if any, are well-coordinated with contents, well-designed, and used very effectively. Your presentation is a good example of how to prepare and use good visual or/and audio aids. Critical analysis: Your analysis is clear and concise with major points emphasized and insights provided. Your analysis also includes clear recommendations and logical conclusions. Stage/Online presence: You appear confident and at ease. You use notes (if any) well, have good eye contact with the audience, and display appropriate gestures. An excellent presentation provides concise (within timeframe designated) and useful information to your peers about your analysis and what you have learned from your analysis. You should demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and present your ideas/analysis clearly, and whenever possible, provide prescriptive advice and suggestions to your peers. You may incorporate multi-media to make your presentation creative and engaging, such as video clips, audio clips, website demonstration, etc. 360 Team member Feedback (10 points)– since you will be working on a team project you will evaluate your team members on their contributions and work ethic as part of this project. You too will be evaluated. You should consider the values/rules that your team has created. You must submit your feedback into Canvas when the assignment is due to qualify for points and then depending on your team member input is how you will be graded in this section. You will evaluate each team member on: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Contribution-2 points: Teamskills-2 points: Follow-through-2 points: Work-ethic-2 points: Communications-2 points: Provided equal share of effort to the project. Demonstrated effective teaming skills. Followed through on commitments in a timely manner. Demonstrated a proactive and professional work-ethic. Listened and communicated in an effective manner. Paper Reviews (3 articles) – 5 points/paper – 15 points You will review and write a one-page paper (plus the cover page) on your insights to the articles with implications for organizations and managers. You should also consider the implications for the organization you are serving in a management consulting role. The papers in reading/writing order are: 1. Assessing Organizational Culture made Simple 5 2. A Human Ways of Business: Organizational Behaviors Necessary to Redefine Leadership 3. HR’s Vital Role in How Employees Spend Their Time, Talent, and Energy Tableau Project – 10 points You will engage in a learning tableau project. You are to follow the instructions on how to complete this assignment. You are to: 1. video tape your presentation and upload it to Center for Analytics and Creativity site (make sure we can see you in the video). MAN 4737 Management Consultant Capstone


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