NUR 508 Grand Canyon Week 1 Complete Work

NUR 508 Grand Canyon Week 1 Complete Work
NUR 508 Grand Canyon Week 1 Complete Work
NUR 508 Grand Canyon Week 1 Discussion 1
What were the major causes of U.S. mortality in the last 100 years, and what public health measures most contributed to improvements in the health of the nation? Include at least two source citations from the readings and/or additional sources to support your answer
NUR 508 Grand Canyon Week 1 Discussion 2
What are the major causes of disease and death in the 21st century (e.g., chronic illnesses, communicable diseases, etc.) that continue to affect U.S. citizens in spite of the achievements in public health in the past century? What have been some of the strategies implemented to combat these illnesses on the local and national levels? Have they been successful? Include reference citations where appropriate.
NUR 508 Grand Canyon Week 1 Assignment
Collaborative Learning Community: CLC Agreement
Resource 1: CLC Health Issue Analysis Overview
Group work has benefits and liabilities. EVERYONE assigned to a CLC is expected to equally participate in the work in terms of time and quality of effort. Each participant has strengths and it is reasonable to apportion the work to make best use of this. Some are natural leaders. Our strengths can be our greatest liabilities: No one wants to be bossed around no matter how skilled the boss is. Honest communication is critical to effective group work. The best way to avoid conflict is to set very clear expectations up front. Then, if someone does not do what is expected him/her, he/she can be referred to the original agreement rather than have the confrontation become personal.
Course instructors are able to observe the group process in the CLC forum. If the work takes place outside the forum, this information will be absent. Be certain (even if communicating via e-mail, phone, or face-to-face) to record the communication in the CLC forum.
CLC Project Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to critically analyze a health care issue through the focus of major concepts from each Topic. There are six components to this assignment after the CLC agreement is signed and the topic is identified. It is not expected that every member of the CLC group will contribute to each assignment, but that assignments will be divided fairly and equally among the group. Each of the written components of the CLC project will be 500-1,000 words. These papers should be in APA format with a title and a reference page. An abstract is not required. An introduction is required ONLY for Part 1 and is not required in any parts thereafter. It is the intention that if one were to take the six parts of this assignment and put them together, a comprehensive and cohesive analysis would be produced. Part 1 is worth 3 points and each of the subsequent parts (2-6) are worth 4 points each.
Topic 1 (10 points)
Check into the CLC group and provide contact information and describe prior experience, if any, with health policy. Locate and read the CLC Agreement provided by the instructor, located within the Additional Resources Folder in Canyon Connect. Choose one member to transfer the document to the CLC forum. Decide upon the process needed to fill out the contract. Everyone should participate. Before filling out the agreement, it may be helpful for each student to describe the most difficult, frustrating, helpful, or beneficial apects of working on a collaborative project. Getting this type of information out in the open ahead of time may help to prevent conflict later on. Since no one is angry yet, you can comfortably list what is likely to make you angry and also what would make you satisfied.
Complete the CLC Agreement (except for the final block, which is used at the end). Select someone to submit the CLC Agreement by the end of Topic 1.
Topic 2 (10 points)
Initiate a conversation regarding potential topics of interest. This should be a health issue with national and international relevance that will be the basis for your final project. It may be helpful to identify a number of topics of interest and have individual group members do a quick survey of the literature to be sure that there is current information available. Revise the CLC Agreement with the choice of the topic identified in the title and re-submit the CLC Agreement. There is no formal writing requirement for the topic selection. It is merely a brief paragraph declaring your identified topic.
Topic 3 – Part 1 (50 points)
Research and outline the history of the health issue. Write a formal paper in APA format (500-1,000 words in length), describing the history of the issue. A title, introduction, and a reference page are required, but an abstract and conclusion are not. Include the following:
1) Influences such as determinants of health and socioeconomic status.
2) Past and present initiatives (private and public) to address the issue.
3) Outcomes that have been developed and utilized to measure progress on the issue.
4) The current status of the health issue based on measured outcomes.
Topic 4 – Part 2 (60 points)
Describe the national and international implications of the health issue. Write a formal paper (500-1,000 words in length), using APA format. Include a title page and a reference page. An abstract, introduction, and conclusion are not required. Include the following:
1) Scope and depth of the problem.
2) Countries that are faring better or worse than others.
3) How the U.S. ranks on this issue in relation to other countries.
4) Efforts of the World Health Organization and other agencies on this issue.
5) Existing disparities (include race, age, and gender, as appropriate) in relation to the issue – describe the populations that have emerged as being disadvantaged and why.
Topic 5 – Part 3 (60 points)
Write a formal paper (500-1,000 words in length), using APA format. Include a title and a reference page. An abstract, introduction, and conclusion are not required. Include a title page and a reference page, and the following:
1) Discuss past and present funding for initiatives that address the health issue. Include both public and private sources.
2) Analyze past and present quality initiatives that address the health issue. Include both public and private sources.
3) Differentiate how being insured versus uninsured impacts health outcomes relative to this issue;
4) Compare health outcomes for the issue between the U.S. and a country with universal health coverage.
Topic 6 – Part 4 (60 points)
Write a formal paper (500-1,000 words in length), using APA format. A title page and a reference page are required, but an abstract, introduction, and conclusion are not. Include the following:
1) Examine the previously addressed aspects of health policies, finance, global/national prevention, and/or treatment initiatives related to the health issue by identifying applicable ethics principles.
2) Differentiate how application of the identified ethics principles to the health issue has resulted in population disparities.
3) Hypothesize how existing disparities might be eliminated using alternate ethics principles.
4) Critique whether the applicable ethics principles are consistent with the ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses.
Topic 7 – Part 5 (60 points)
Write a formal paper (500-1,000 words in length), using APA format. A title page and a reference page are required, but an abstract, introduction, and conclusion are not. Include the following:
1) Discuss cultural beliefs and influences relative to the health issue.
2) Differentiate any religious/spiritual beliefs and values relative to the issue.
3) Appraise how religious/spiritual beliefs and values have influenced progress in addressing the issue – either negatively or positively.
4) Compare differences in ideologies related to the issue across political party lines, geographic regions, and countries of the world.
Topic 8 – Part 6 (60 points)
Write a formal paper (500-1,000 words in length), using APA format. A title page, conclusion, and a reference page are required, but an abstract and introduction are not. Include the following:
1) Assess the past and present impact nurses, including advanced professional/ advanced practice nurses, have made in addressing this health issue.
2) Describe how nurses can become more broadly involved with influencing health policy related to this issue. Include available resources.
3) Hypothesize how nurses can positively impact future outcomes related to the provision of care for persons affected by the health issue.
4) Synthesize all aspects of the health care issue through a summary conclusion, concisely tying up Parts 1-8 of the CLC project.
This is a CLC assignment.
Check into your respective Collaborative Learning Community and provide contact information. Describe your prior experience with health policy.
Read “CLC Health Issue Analysis Overview.”
Read “CLC Group Project Agreement.”
Transfer “CLC Group Project Agreement” to your CLC team space, come to a consensus on team responsibilities, and complete one copy of the form.
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.
NUR 508 CLC Group Project Agreement
Grading Criteria
CLC Course Information
Course Name/Section Number:
Instructor’s Name:
Start Date of the Course:
CLC Member Contact Information
(Who is in our group?)
CLC Member Name Primary E-mail Address Secondary E-mail Address Other Contact Information
CLC Group Values
(What do we need to do to ensure our team’s success?)
What Each Team Member Agrees to Do Why This Is Important to the Team
Check into the CLC regularly to review progress on the assignment.
Contribute ideas and feedback to the group from initial discussions throughout project completion.
Communicate with all CLC members as soon as a problem or issue arises.
Maintain respectful communications with all team members.
Complete assigned tasks by the deadlines set by the CLC members.
Take a leadership role in CLC assignments.
Make sure to cite and reference all sources of information used in completing tasks.
Project Management Specifics
(What needs to be undertaken to complete the CLC project?)
CLC Group Member’s Name Task to be completed by This Team Member
(This section will change for each CLC Project.) Due Date for Completing the Task for the CLC to Review
Contributing one or more ideas for how the project should be completed.
Outlining the CLC project.
Assigning tasks to CLC members.
Performing research on assigned topics and writing it up for CLC members to review.
Making sure everyone meets their assigned deadlines for tasks.
Proofreading and editing the paper.
Submitting the paper via the Assignments feature by the due date deadline.
CLC Group Interaction Guidelines
(How can we anticipate and deal with group conflict when it arises?)
What Could Happen To Impede Our Teamwork? What We Will Do if This Happens?
A CLC member doesn’t provide project ideas or feedback to other team members.
A CLC member doesn’t complete his/her task at all.
A CLC member completes his/her task, but turns it in after the agreed-upon due date.
CLC Group Review Process
(What makes a CLC effective?)
What did Our CLC Do Well This Time?
(This section will change for each CLC Project.) What Can We Do to be a More Effective CLC Next Time?
(This section will change for each CLC Project.)
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