Women In The Workforce

1.     The participation of women in the labor force has been on the rise since 1960. Identify 2 specific reasons for this. 2.     Identify 3 reasons why the participation rate of men in the work force has been declining since 1960.  3.     Part time jobs are attractive to many workers as well as many employers. Explain.  4.     Look at Figure 15.5, pg. 409. Approximately what time period saw the highest level of part time workers for economic reasons? Why this period?. 5.     If there were 1.5 million people unemployed in Canada with 15.5 million people employed and a population of 20 million, what would the unemployment rate equal? What would be the participation rate? (When calculating, remember that the unemployment rate is calculated upon the number of people in the labor market while the participation rate is calculated upon the entire population- Refer to Checkpoint 15.1, pg. 404).  6.     Assume that the government decides to drastically decrease welfare, social security, and unemployment payments. How would this action change the unemployment rate? How would it change the labor participation rate? 7.     Look at Figure 15.5, pg. 414. Explain what the author means by the ‘output gap’ in the 2008-2009 recession.  8.     Frictional unemployment is considered to be a “…permanent and healthy phenomenon in a dynamic, growing economy”. Identify 3 different causes of frictional unemployment. 9.     Susan Sampson lost her job as a bank teller in the early 1970’s when automatic teller machines were introduced. Identify and define the type of unemployment this would be.  10.  Compare the figures for 2010 and 2013 as presented on pg. 412 (Eye on the Unemployed). What is the biggest contrast (difference) between the two years as far as the duration to find a job is concerned?

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