Wireless Wide Area Networks

Since I will have a final exam next week and our professor gave us 8 prompts, which he will pick two of them as our final exam prompt on the exam day. We only have 12 hours to write two essays according to the 2 prompts he will choose and we can only use in-class readings and materials as sources to refer to, so I need you to make me an outline for the exam.The outline format is listed below in “midterm sources & answers” file. I listed two prompts in the midterm as an example of how to do the outline for each prompt. “Potential Exam Questions” file include all 8 prompts you should work on. “readings” zip file are all in-class readings. There are a lot of articles so you can only choose the ones relatable to the 8 prompts to read and work on.You should make the outline as format below. Each prompt: 2 good answers you think that can answer the prompt (no need not-so-good answers) & one table includes 3 sources + sources relevant content summary, and their implications. If you write more than pages I assigned, I will compensate you for the extra pages.You should only use in-class readings I gave.

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