What Is Interloper?

answer all question for chapters  indicated below by using this text which can be found at this link. Label each question you answering  and the chapter please and thank you. Respond in one paragraph to the question . Use this text only put the page number where you got the answer from please and thank you https://archive.org/details/cantstopwontstop00chang/page/n11/mode/2up Chapter 8 questions 1. Describe the importance of the “interloper” in hip-hop and rap.  Who is Chalfant?  2.What is the effect of white flight on New York City in the 70s? 3.How is the graffiti element introduced by Chang in the narrative? 4.How does jazz, particularly “post-jazz cool” provide a connection between graffiti artists and the downtown (Manhattan) art scene? 5.What is Charlie Ahern’s contribution to the development of the genre? 6.Explain how graffiti shifts from being street to high art.  Who were the players in this change? 7.  Explain the importance of Blondie’s “Rapture.” 8.Who are Malcolm McLaren and Alan Lomax?  Explain his marketing strategy. 9.What makes the genre “world music” a misnomer (something that isn’t)? 10. How was the technique of “scratching” introduced in the text?

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