What Is Evolution?

This week we started learning about evolution. There are several examples in the text about organisms that have evolved. Evolution is fraught with emotion and it can be difficult to discern between fact and opinion. For this week’s discussion, find two articles on evolution, one scientific from a credible source, and one from a questionable source. Please provide links in your post.  Please answer these questions and label 1-4 1.  Which article in your opinion was of more scientific merit? Why?  Be sure to use concrete examples from the articles to support your claims. 2.  Which article was more interesting and captured your attention?  Why?  Again, be sure to use concrete examples from the articles to support your claims. 3.  How do you know which article has information that is correct and based on fact rather than opinion or mis-information? 4.  A compelling argument can sometimes lack scientific merit, what are some strategies you can employ to avoid being “taken in” by a compelling, but not accurate argument? How do you KNOW what you’re reading is true?

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