What Is Biopower?

There are 5 short identification. Answer each short identification in which it should not be longer than 1 page or 300 words. Use the articles provided to answer each short answer. No quotation should be more than 10 words. Be sure to format your quotations clearly with quotation marks and the author’s name and page number following. For example: (Lindenbaum p. 17). You must indicate the author when you discuss different ideas and examples. Full citations (as in a normal term paper) are not necessary. Just make it clear to your reader. Use the files uploaded as a reference to answering questions. Do not use outside resources besides the ones provided. This is a personal mindset with the use of the files attached as a reference. (While answering the questions think about – How this topic relate back to medical anthropology?)  Short Answer Questions: 1. What was Evans-Pritchard’s approach to analyzing sorcery? 2. What is Kuru? 3. What is biopower? 4. What is a syndemic? 5. What is engaged anthropology?

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