What Is Aesthetics?

PAGE 1Two part question:What is aesthetics? Compare and contrast the explanations for the concept of aesthetics as presented in the three assigned readings: Chapter 3 of the textbook, “A Thing of Beauty,” and “Nurturing Aesthetic Awareness in Young Children.”(a) Please explain in what ways the three explanations for the concept of aesthetics are similar? Your comparisonswill need to refer explicitly to each of the three texts by title.(b) Please explain how they differ?  Your contrasts will need to refer explicitly to each of the three texts by title.PAGE 2Explain:What are the “studio-oriented” and the “fine arts” perspectives of aesthetic development and how do they differ from one another (“A Thing of Beauty”).PAGE 3Three part question:In “A Thing of Beauty,” Feeney & Moravcik identity and describe five (5) major elements of art. Two other important elements of art are pattern and texture.(a) Briefly explain each of these two other elements(b) Give some examples for how children might use these two elements in their art making(c) Describe two different classroom activities that might help young children develop an  awareness of pattern and texture.HALF PAGEWhat are some of Feeney &Moravcik’srecommendations for creating an “aesthetic classroom environment”?PAGE 5Two-part question:(a) According to Danko-McGhee what does it mean to “authenticate the experience”? Please explain.(b) What examples of this concept does she offer in “Nurturing Aesthetic Awareness in Young Children” ?Describe two (2) different examples.

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