Walt Disney World

Sometimes what you offer as a company can actually be too much. This might be difficult for some of you to swallow, especially if you believe in the age old phrase, “the customer is always right.”There is truth to that, but you can take it too far sometimes. Also, the product you might want to have may not be the product that you actually have. For example, if I own a Six Flags and I try to market it like a Disneyland or Walt Disney World, it won’t quite work. I’ve set the standards too high and no matter how hard I try to convince you otherwise, I will fail. The guest will notice that the quality of the park is not the equivalent of Disneyland.Why is Six Flags successful then? Because it doesn’t try to be Disneyland. It knows what it is and it highlights its strengths when it markets, and it doesn’t really talk about its weaknesses (on purpose.) Even Disneyland doesn’t try to live up to the old standards because they were too costly to upkeep short term (I actually believe this is a dangerous way of thinking, but this is the reality today). The key is to position yourself honestly, and hopefully that will give you a chance of exceeding your guests’ expectations. If the expectations are too high going in, then you will undoubtedly disappoint your guests. If you don’t deliver on the marketed expectations, then you will fail.Disney had amazingly high standards in the early 90s. They let them drop down to a lower standard. Why? They couldn’t find enough talent for the price they were willing to pay to hire them to keep the same standards. Plus, guests began to take advantage of Disney. “Your favorite ride was closed and it ruined your whole trip? Let’s give you a free night at the contemporary and an extra park-hopper day for your whole family.” That was the standard Disney was known for. Today, that would probably warrant an additional FastPass, if even that. Why? Well, I assume you can see how easy that would be to take advantage of, especially in a world that didn’t really run on computers with guest profiles for you to take a look at to see if the guest was taking advantage of you.Anyhow, this assignment asks you to think about a time where your expectations were wildly different than your experience and then write about it. You might have had really different expectations and the product you thought you were buying wasn’t what you got, or perhaps the product was just advertised with a higher standard of quality and you were severely disappointed with what you got, even though it was similar to the marketing. Whatever the case may be, write 3-4 pages about your experience. Include any service recovery that was offered or that happened. It doesn’t have to be about a theme park, but it helps if it is.Please use a sans-serif 12pt font with 1.5 line spacing and page numbers and submit the document in both PDF and DOCX formats. The document should be 3-4 pages long, plus a title page with a title, your name, and date submitted

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