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You are now ready to write an extended research paper based on a controversial issue. Please choose an issue you feel strongly about on a topic that is different from the one you already wrote about in Assignment #2. Present an argument that shows that you have considered your audience members, identified their prejudices and viewpoints on the topic, made claims or appeals that respond to their viewpoints, and presented your own case fairly and persuasively.  You will be graded on the soundness of your logic, your ability to choose and evaluate reputable sources, your management and documentation of those sources within the text, and the appropriateness of the tone and style of your argument. Before the paper is due, you will submit a working bibliography and an abstract of your argument. This paper should be seven to eight pages in length (2000 to 2400 words approximately). You should have six to eight sources and an interview that you must conduct yourself either face-to-face or via email, phone, or snail mail. Please do not rely on web sites alone for all you information.  There should be books and current publications included in your “Works Cited” list.  The interview should be with a person who has some authority in the field that your research paper is based on.  Please include the material from the interview in your paper. Please double space and use a Times New Roman 12 font. MLA formatting is required for all papers. There is a rubric of grading criteria provided on the webpage for assignment #3. Assignment #3 is a culmination of the skills that you have learned in all of your previous assignments. You will need to use your skills at invention, drafting, revision, audience profiling, criteria, organization, detecting logical fallacies, and doing great research.  Please check evaluation criteria at the end of this page to get a good idea of the kind of elements I am looking for in this assignment.  It gives you an indication of what is expected in this assignment. Brainstorming Exercise 1. Hopefully, you have been thinking about this all semester. You can write your paper on the subject you used for Assignment #1.  If you do not want to do so, you are welcome to choose a topic that interests you. 2. What is your thesis or controlling idea? Is it  argumentative enough to generate interest? 3. What are the major opposing viewpoints? 4. Where are you finding the most helpful sources in support of your claim?   Progress Evaluation 1. Write ten lines in which you present your own position, summarize the opposition, and summarize the support for your own position. 2. What kind of ethos are you assuming in this essay? Why will it be the most effective ethos? 3. Make a list of fallacies that the opposition uses. How are you going to refute them? 4. What role are you assigning the audience? Are they enemies? Misinformed?   Evaluation Criteria Thesis and Purpose – Easily identifiable. 5 Topic introduction – Introduced and presented in a convincing manner with an appropriate title.  It should engage the reader’s interest. 10 Organization of information – Clear organization, easy to follow, no gaps. 25 Refutation – Attack of opposition’s arguments and supporting points. 30 Examination of fallacies – use of fallacies in opposition’s argument identified, named, and examined. 25 Development – Own ideas thoroughly examined, clearly presented, and well supported. 35 Supporting evidence – Valid, current information from appropriate sources used in the right context. 30 Conclusion – Follows logically from information 25 Style, voice, and language – Clear and honest, appropriate vocabulary, persuasive language. 35 Format – Grammar, usage, spelling, mechanics, sentence structures. 30 M.L.A. documentation style 30 Overall impression. 20 Total 300

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