Virtual Museum

After submitting your exhibit to the virtual Museum, take a look at two other exhibits posted by your classmates. Once you have visited these exhibits, write a short 1 to 2-page reflection on the experience that addresses the questions below: ?      What were the exhibits you visited about? Name the exhibit (you do not have to name the student who created it) ?      What kinds of sources were used to create the exhibit? (i.e. objects, written works, etc.) ?      Did the exhibit help you better understand the topic? Explain and give specific examples. ?      What similarities (or differences) do you see between the exhibits you visited and the exhibit you created?   Your exhibit reflection must be: ?      Typed, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font Include in-text citations for any information borrowed from an outside source Attached is the Peer exhibit to be reflected on (Gender and the treatment of women) My exhibit: Comparison of ancient India and ancient China

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