Value System

1.     Which particular theory or theories that we have studied do you find particularly appealing? Why? Do your theories provide you with confirmation of your own worldviews, experiences, and value system? Explain. Do your theories challenge you to think about new dimensions of the counseling experience in some ways? If so, how?        2.     What specific aspects of the theory or theories that you chose do you find most useful in treating clients? Why is that? Does it have to do with the philosophy of the approach, the techniques, the population of people you hope to treat, or something else? Explain.   3.     How well does the theory or theories that you have selected account for diversity (culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, SES, ability, etc.). Which groups of people might be likely to experience difficulties with any of the particular therapeutic approaches that you have selected? If so, why? How might you tailor your techniques to account for this?   4.     What are the other limitations to the theory or theories that you have chosen, that you might need to consider? How could you think about adapting or modifying your treatment approach to work around these issues?    5.     What theory or theories that we have studied are most divergent from your own theoretical frame of reference? What is it about them that you find the most challenging to incorporate into your own worldview or perspectives?    6.     Most approaches emphasize the client-therapist relationship as a crucial determinant of the outcomes of the therapeutic process. What constitutes an effective collaborative relationship in your view? Describe how you would implement this in your counseling relationship with a client and/or how you would want to experience this in your own therapy.   (I WOULD LIKE THE THEORIES TO BE THE PSYCHOANALYTICAL THEORY AND BEHAVIORAL THERAPY TO BE USED AS THE THEORIES THAT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT)

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