Valuation Analysis

When you do your stock valuation, you are using all info you can gather to establish a fair price. Once you get an estimate of reasonable price, how does it compare to current market pricier? Is it fairly valued, or Over, or Under? You should look at example project analysis to see what a good project looks like. In doing your analysis and write-up, make sure yougive proper credit (attribution) to the source of your info. You can find info by putting your stock name or symbol into your search engine and you will find several sources of financial info (ratios) and analysts estimates and recommendations ( such as Marketwatch or others listed on your project direction sheet).What is the consensus of earnings and price from financial analysts community. Given the uncertainty that exists today, the risk is greater and the ability to forecast is a greater challenge. Going through the process is a valuable exercise to help you understand the variables that impact a stock’s FAIR PRICE

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