Treatment Methods For Addiction

Welcome to Unit 5! In unit 5, we will discuss the five W’s of addiction: who, what, when, where, and why. In addition, we will explore how various dimensions of wellness are affected by active addiction as well as the journey towards recovery. • CSLO 1: Identify and describe inner resources to strengthen mind-body connections • CSLO 2: Compare and contrast unhealthy lifestyle practices based on sound, evidence-based principles of a holistic wellness model. • CSLO 3: Define and describe health challenges to the mind-body-spirit and holistic methods to prevent and manage these challenges. • CSLO 4: Analyze and discuss the safe use of complementary and integrative therapies Reading Invitation to Holistic Health 9781284105483 Unit 5: Readings Chapter 17 “Addiction: Diseases of Fear, Shame and Guilt” Unit 5: Resources Attached Files:  HED3200 Ch 17.pptx  (1.273 MB) Addiction: Diseases of Fear, Shame and Guilt PowerPoint (attached) Every Day Addictions Video–3RtIkJo#action=share Unit 5 AS: Treatment Methods for Addiction Attached Files:  HED 3200 U5 AS Instructions (1).docx (75.027 KB) AS Description: Identify and analyze treatment options available for drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco addiction. Identify resources to help people struggling with addiction. In 2 pages, please identify and discuss three to four treatment options available for individuals diagnosed with a substance use disorder (alcohol, drugs, tobacco). Consider inpatient treatment (rehab, hospital settings, etc.), outpatient treatment (counseling, methadone maintenance, etc.), and other support programs (sober living facilities, 12-step programs, etc.). Compare and contrast these treatment options and how effective they are in treating addiction. Consider availability, access, and cost when discussing these options. In addition, create a list of 5-7 national and community-based addiction resources available to support someone through their journey to recovery. Checklist: §   2 COMPLETE pages in Times New Roman 12 font identifying and discussing treatment options §  Create a separate list of 5 – 7 national and community-based resources available for individuals with a diagnosed substance use disorder. §  Use scholarly research and your textbook to support your responses (Two peer-reviewed or government sources required). §   A reference page in APA format

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