Theoretical Framework

Based on the attachment, write 2 sections, each section should be 2 pages long and no reference.First one is Theoretical Framework,it should Provide operational definitions of all the variables in your study (IV, DV, MV and IIV, if any). Also, describe in detail any models or theories that are being tested.Refer back to the literature, as applicable, to show the relevance of these concepts and variables for your study.  You need to make a convincing case as to why you chose these variables out of all existing variables to include in your study.  Why do you think these are the most important ones?If you are conducting a hypothesis-testing study, list each hypothesis here. Show BOTH the null and alternative hypothesis.  Hypotheses can be descriptive or relational but must be written in a way that makes them testable (i.e. you will be able to gather evidence that supports or fails to support each hypothesis).  They are the “educated guesses” as to the answers to your research questions.Second one is Methodology, it should includeWhat Experiment you should have?What data will you collect?From whom?How will you reach them?Using what method (survey, interviews, etc.)How to Analyzing via statistical analysisConnect to Theoretical Framework.For my prospect, there should be 2 experiments. First is the algorithm I developed, I will set one experimental group to change cyberbullying word dictionary 4 times per year, I will set another group to change cyberbullying word dictionary 1 times per year to do some statistical analysis based the variable. (cyberbullying word dictionary is a word dictionary that is the collection of those words that  affective computing algorithm determine this key word most likely to be a cyberbullying word for data that collected in the internet.)For second experiment, one group of people use this algorithm and another group don’t, put them into cyberbullying world to see if this algorithm will actually help.

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