Theatre Performance Review

Watch the play Pipeline Directed byLileana Blain-Cruz/Habib AzarHere is a list of things to take note of and look for – YOU MUST ADDRESS THESEQUESTIONS IN YOUR PAPER.1) What is the goal of the producers and creative team in bringing thisproduction to life for audiences to see? Does it speak to a specific agegroup? What is the message or messages? What are some themes that runthrough it and how can it impact our society and the audiences of today?Basically…why does this play exist?2) What technical element stood out to you the most? Lighting design?Costume design? Scenic design? Sound design? Who was the designer andwhy is the element that “popped” for you take precedent over the otheraspects?3) Which actor(s) stood out as the strongest and the most connected to thematerial? Choose at least 2 and go into great depth about theirperformances and WHY you are choosing them.4) Was this a “cohesive” production? Did all of the elements meet each otherwell in the performance you witnessed (Acting, Directing, Design)? Whatwasabsent (if anything?) or what could have used some adjustments?These are just SOME things to look for and take note of. Of course, any other elementsor moments in the performance that you would like to highlight, is absolutelyacceptable.REMINDER; this is a 2-3 page essay (12 pt font, double spaced) and ONLY 15% OFTHIS PAPER IS ALLOWED TO BE A SUMMARY OF THE SHOW. This is not a “re-cap”ssay of the plot of the show but rather a paper articulating your opinion on this artisticprocess. IF YOU SPEND THE WHOLE PAPER TELLING ME WHATHAPPENED IN THEPLAY, IT WILL REFLECT IN YOUR GRADE.In your essay, be as specific as possible. Point out a specific moment or scene in theplay (and between what characters) that backs up your opinion or critique. Watch theplay closely, and take notes (subtly) so that you remember importantmoments/experiences afterwards.When citing examples from the show, such as specific actors and the characters and/ora specific designelement, make sure to refer back to your program for the individual(s)name. I will be looking for these examples in your essay so be clear.For citing examples of actors/acting you may use these setups:“Polina Petrova, who played the role of Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof…”OR“The character of Willy Loman, played by Polina Petrova, in this production ofDeath of a Salesman,….”AFTER CITING THE ACTOR (PLAYING THE CHARACTER) THE FIRST TIME, YOU CANTHEN JUST REFER TO THE ACTOR BY LAST NAME THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THEESSAY.For citingexamples of designers/design you may use this setup:“The lighting design, by Polina Petrova, in this revival of A Streetcar NamedDesire, really stood out to me…”When composing your review essay, I will look to see that you are following standard“college level essay writing”. Spelling and grammar will be counted towards yougrade. One hint is that when referring to a play/musical title, please put it in italics. Itshould NOT be underlined or in quotes.

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