The Political System

Drawing on the background materials, address the following prompts in a minimum of 250 words. 1.Why do minor political parties have such little success competing in U.S. elections?   2.Short of winning elections, how do third parties have influence on the political system? 3.Did independent candidate Kanye West had a significant impact on the 2020 election? 4.Would you ever consider voting for an independent or a third party candidate? Why or why not? Background Materials: 1.OpenStax American Government  (Links to an external site.) , Chapter 9 2.Maurice Duverger. “Factors in a Two-Party and Multiparty System  (Links to an external site.) .” (In Party Politics and Pressure Groups, 1972, pp. 23-32) 3.Stuart Rothenberg, “How third-party votes sunk Clinton, what they mean for Trump  (Links to an external site.) “. (Roll Call, July 2019) 4.Ed Kilgore, “Third Parties Unlikely to Wreak Havoc in 2020 Election  (Links to an external site.) ,” (Intelligencer, May 2020). 5.Barbara Sprunt, “Here’s How Republicans Are Boosting Kanye West’s Presidential Campaign  (Links to an external site.) .” (NPR, August 2020)

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