The Housing Market

Subject: Microeconomics Topic: Discuss the factors that affect the demand and supply of houses and how these determine house prices. Focusing on the recent and ongoing pandemic explain how these factors have been affected.  Explain the role of the government in the housing market. Analyse the different measures taken by the government (i.e. stamp duty holiday, availability of credit, etc.) during the pandemic and how these have affected the volume of transactions and house prices. Also discuss the impact on the rental market and government interventions like rent controls.  Instructions:  I put all of the instructions in the file attached “Instructions”, I think they are easier to read that way (they are long because I tried to include everything, such as description of how to do citations, references, etc, which is probably common knowledge to you) Please, look also at the categorical marks table I attached within this order. I think they will help you clear out the structure. Of course I hope for high first, but this may be impossible so anything above firs, preferably clear first is what we are aiming for. My order is quit complex, I need at least one diagram (graph) so if the price will be higher because of that, I totally understand that.

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