The European Society

Write a paper that is no less than 1000 words long (about 4 double spaced pages) that provides an answer to one of the questions below using only information from your textbook, lectures, source readings, and any supplemental readings supplied to you during this course.  ·      No outside research is allowed.  ·      Use specific examples from multiple centuries to back up your arguments.  ·      Cite your sources using MLA or Chicago style in-text and works cited page citations.  ·      Make an argument based on one of the essay questions below or invent your own topic.  ·      If you invent your own topic, check with me so that I can make sure there is enough information for you to write on that topic.  Topic  1.     The Vikings. Consider the impact that this fresh wave of non-Christianized, non-Romanized Germanic tribes had on medieval Europe.  a.     Describe Viking culture. Briefly compare and contrast it with the Germanic cultures that impacted Europe earlier.  b.     What impact did the Vikings have on Christian Europe? What happened to kingdoms and the Church? c.     How did Scandinavians make a place for themselves in European society? Consider Christianization and politics as well as changes to Scandinavian culture.

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