Technology Influencer

(Please don’t start your paper or title with that phrase, though!) The ellipsis can be anything that is in the scope of Library and Information Studies (LIS). It can be as general or as specific as you want. Some examples might be: “How the Dublin Core metadata schema changed libraries” “Why libraries should dump Dublin Core and move to JSON-LD” “Why archives should be embedding geospatial metadata everywhere” “How libraries can use virtual machine/container technology such as Docker” “Why librarians need to learn information architecture techniques” “How museums can implement Agile methodologies” “How search engines impact college students’ searching behavior” “Why librarians need to learn SEO” “How GDRP affects library privacy policies and web design” The topic can cover the impacts on institutions—libraries, archives, and museums of all types—and their users. You can cover a specific institution with which you are familiar, or a specific type of department within an institution – for example, Digitization, Instruction, Web Development. You can discuss a specific technology – for example, integrated chips, 3-D printers, project management techniques or software, data visualization tools, GIS, cloud computing, firewalls, databases, metadata schema such as Dublin Core or EAD, semantic web standards such as JSON-LD or OWL, XML, HTML 5, search engines, repositories – a number of technologies, or technology development in an industry in general. You might want to discuss the  impacts on human information behaviors, such as information-seeking behavior, information searching behavior, information use behavior, etc. This definition might be helpful: “Information behavior is the totality of human behavior in relation to sources and channels of information, including both active and passive information seeking, and information use. Thus, it includes face-to-face communication with others, as well as the passive reception of information as in, for example, watching TV advertisements, without any intention to act on the information given.” – Wilson, T.D. (2000). Human Information Behavior. Informing Science, 3(2), available at  (Links to an external site.) Your topic might cover policy, ethical, social and/or legal impacts, such as intellectual property issues, access to information, privacy issues, intellectual freedom, censorship, cyberlaw, and government, corporate, or global information practices and policies. The paper must address the following questions: What is the technology, technique or standard, or who is the technology influencer? Who are the main players in this field?  (Can be a person, institution, or company.) How does the technology, technique, technology standard, or technology influencer impact ? Discuss both positive impacts and negative impacts if applicable. What is the future of the technology, technique, technology standard, or the topic?

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