Technology Development

This assignment require you to analyze Walmart and Southwest airline. Please analyze each element of primary activities (Inbound and outbound logistics, Operations, Marketing and sales, and Service) and Support activities (Firm infrastructure, Human resource management, Technology development, and Procurement) within these two company. Make sure have a title when you explaining them. Point out the similar and differs between them. Make each factors as detail as possible. Walmart has advantages in their technology when they competing with others, low price compare with others. Southwest airlines has advantages in their management, high efficiency, One airplane model, low cost advantage, etc. Use value chain(Primary Activities and Support Activities) concept from Ch 3 to write this paper. You may need to know the concept Cost Advantage from Ch 4. Make sure you read the case #1 Walmart and case #4 Southwest Airlines. No need to mention to much background information, get to the point directly. No outside source please! Southwest Airlines and Walmart are in two different industries and have two completely different mission statements. Walmart’s mission statement is “to save people money so they can live better.” Southwest Airlines believes they should, “become the world’s most loves, most flown, and most profitable airline.” Both companies are the low price leaders in their industries, both take full advantage of competitive advantage, and both use cost advantage model to achieve strategic advantage. Explain how Walmart’s and Southwest’s Value Chain is similar and how it differs to create a strategic advantage in their respected industries.

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