SWOT Analysis

Please conduct some research and describe the SWOT Analysis in your own words. Next, identify how you can use the SWOT Analysis in your profession (I am an in home child care provider). List the pros/cons of using a SWOT Analysis in a business setting. Lastly, explain how this new “tool” compares to the tool you learned in the previous discussion.  This reference must be used: Duarte, C., Ettkin, L. P., Helms, M. M., & Anderson, M. S. (2006). The Challenge of Venezuela: A SWOT Analysis. Competitiveness Review, 16(3), 233-247. All of the following bullet points must be met:  Describe the SWOT Analysis in your own words (remember to cite sources you read that helped you develop your definition) Identify how you can use the SWOT Analysis in your profession. List the Pros and Cons of using a SWOT Analysis in a business setting (create two separate lists and label the first Pros and the second Cons). Explain how the SWOT Analysis compares to the Fishbone Analysis.  Comparing means how they are alike and how they are different. Remember to cite, in the text and a reference list, any sources you read that assisted you in forming your thoughts.

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