Subtypes Of Amnesia

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences using the reading provided. Chapter 9 Review Questions  Section 9.1 What are the stages of memory formation, and approximately how long is information retained at each stage? What are the two aspects of recall that result in the serial position curve of recall for a list of items? How does manipulating the time between presentation of the list and recall affect performance? Why did scientists studying memory use nonsense syllables for memorization tasks? Section 9.2 What phenomena indicate that most forgetting is due to a problem in retrieval of information rather than wholesale loss of information from LTM? What are two types of interference that impede our ability to retrieve information from LTM? Can you think of examples from your own experience?  What are some ways you can improve your recall of information in school? Section 9.3 Name the two different subtypes of amnesia, and give an example of each. What are the different subtypes of memory, and what is the evidence that they are at least partially independent of one another? Our memories are similar to muscles, the more we use and “work them out” the better they do, or stronger they get. What are 3 ways that you can improve the abilities of your memory?

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