Soviet Empire

Just before the Soviet Union fell apart,  Gorbach introduced policies of , Demokratizatsiya, Glasnost and Perestoika?  The West looked on these as a move toward democritzaton and away form the authoritairanism of the Soviet Regimes.  Yet the last twenty years or so has shown a stealy retreat from these ideals under Putin. What happened? Is Russia retreating back to authoritarianism. Is the Soviet Empire being resurrected.  How has Putin reshaped Gorbachev’s ideals?  You must, in your essay, describe Gorbachev’s ideals and where they have gone.   What would you say are the “lessons” for other countries going through a transition from state owned/ authoritarian systems to more capitalist/democratic mode? Shoot for 500 well chosen words. Be sure to read the question carefully and answer directly.

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