Social Policy

**The 3 Journal citations (file attached) must be used in this paper. More citations can also be used.** **Also, the policy that this paper will be based on is also attached.** 1) Policy brief due: Using the feedback from me on component submissions, write a succinct 5-6-page policy concept paper. Your paper should include: (20 points)  a. A brief background on the social issue the policy is looking to address. This includes your problem/issue statement but should also give some context for the environment that policy was formed in – what is/was going on? What is the history of the issue if any? Imagine you are explaining this issue to a relative at dinner. What do they need to know to understand the social issue? How does this policy fit within the policy frameworks discussed in class?  b. Explain the policy. What does it do? How does it do it? Who is responsible for it? Does it address the social, economic and/or health well-being of all or a targeted group of individuals?  c. Provide a critical analysis of the policy (not the issue) by assessing the strengths and/or limitations in terms of promoting social justice/solving the identified problem. Using your bullets as the base, expand on why you think these points are strengths or limitations. How do you know that this is a problem or effective solution? What evidence exists regarding the policy’s effectiveness (or proposed effectiveness)? If the legislation/regulation is controversial, explain the source of the divergent views and what you think it will take to move this issue forward.  d. What have been the intended and/or unintended consequences – both positive and negative – of the policy? If this policy is not yet enacted, what do you foresee based on your analysis and understanding of the issue?  e. What specific strategies or recommendations would you develop to address any identified inequities? Can the policy be better? If so, how would you change the policy to make it better? If not, make sure you have made it clear with supporting information why you think it is working.  You should use the submitted citations to help you explore the problem statement, the policy functions, and its effectiveness. You should absolutely use class discussions and readings, as well as other sources, to help frame your policy analysis and to ground in conceptual frameworks discussed in class.

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