Sexual Assult

Writing Assignment   Due Date:       Monday, November 16, 2020 via upload to BlackBoard   Formatting: Font Type:      Times New Roman Font Size:        12 Spacing:          1.5 inches Margins:          1 inch on all sides Instructions: Explore a victimology topic of your choice. You may select from the following list of topics:  Sexual assault : This is the topic you using . Use a minimum of 4 news articles that describe the type of victimization you have selected as your base. Discuss how the primary/direct and secondary victims may be impacted by the victimization Discuss how the media sources you used treated the victim. For example: did the media source focus more on the offender, did the media source alienate or shame the victim, did the media show attention or empathy towards the victim etc. Explain how the media’s portrayal may impact the victim and his/her healing process or road to resilience Discuss how the criminal justice system can positively serve the victims If you were to assemble a victimology research based on the topic and victims you selected: a)what would be that research’s focus be? b)why would that be the focus? c)how would your research benefit the study of victims?

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