Serial Narrative

Write a Analytical reflection essay over “Serial Narrative, Intertexuality, and the role of audience in the creation of a franchise: an analysis if the indiana jones saga from a cross media perspective” by Jose Gabriel Ferreras Rodriguez. Examine weaknesses or strengths and substantiate your claims with theory and data, not anecdotes. Discuss points you thought were interesting or perhaps issues with which you agree/disagree (and why). Your analysis should include at least 2quotes or references from the text. Make sure to substantiate your claims. In the first paragraph, mention thetitles of the work to which you are responding, the author/s, and the main thesis of the text. In two to three sentences provide a summary of the articles’ argument. Identify the conceptual framework, methods of data collection and/or type of theory the author applies. The last two sentences of your paragraph should state your main thesis of your critical response paper. In the following 3-4 paragraphs, identify and discuss key themes/concepts and analyze Your analysis should not consist of “I like this, I do not like this” or anything simplistic. Think critically and provide evidence for your critique, such as “I agree with this because…” and provide an example from text(s). This can be a paraphrased idea or a direct quote. Make sure they are cited properly. In your conclusion be sure to restate (in different words than intro) the main argument you make, highlight the main points of your analysis and come to an effective close. Compose 3 open-ended discussion questions to ask your peers and write answers that are roughly 4-6 sentences The questions and answers are not included in the 2.5 pages.   Avoid questions that elicit one-word answers (such as “do you think that…”) or questions that end with “why/why not.” Some examples: What intrigued you about the author’s discussion of masculinity? How might the author’s methodology useful in examining the content of the tv show?   Cite all references using American Sociological Association (ASA)

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