Security Framework

Read the following documentsShen, Y., Lin, F., & Rohm, T. (2009). A framework for enterprise security architecture and its application in information security incident management (Links to an external site.). Communications of the IIMA, 9(4). Retrieved from Open Group. (2011, October). TOGAF® and SABSA® Integration: How SABSA and TOGAF complement each other to create better architectures [PDF file size 2.2 MB]. Retrieved from, J. A. (2003). Excerpts from The Zachman framework for enterprise architecture: Primer for enterprise engineering and manufacturing [PDF file size 83.9 KB]. Retrieved from reading the documents about different frameworks, write a short paper discussing their application to EISA.What is the Zachman Framework?How does the security framework fit into the Zachman Framework, according to the authors?What is The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)? Compare/contrast to the Zachman Framework.Finally, how does SABSA fit into the Zachman Framework? TOGAF?

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