Roman Empire

Directions: After reading both articles and answering the questions associated with the article, write a 4 – 5 page response. Keep both readings in one paper. You can use a heading to separate each article. For the first line of each part, you can begin your paper with— Jerry Bentley in “The Spread of World’s Religions” examines . . . . Richard Foltz in “The Islamization of the Silk Road” analyzes . . . . Include a Works Cited Section at the end of the paper. The proper citation for the Work Cited is found at the bottom of each article. Use the checklist to revise your work. Readings: Part 1 After reading Jerry Bentley’s “The Spread of World’s Religions,” answer the following questions. According to Jerry Bentley, what accounted for the initial resistance to Buddhism in China and the resounding success of Indian ideas and faiths in Southeast Asia? What relationships between religious and political leaders that aided the spread of Buddhism? Where do you see instances of cultural exchange? Then he examines the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. What specific developments does he highlight to explain Christianity’s success? What similarities and differences were there between the way Buddhism and Christianity spread? Part 2 Directions: After reading, Richard Foltz’s “The Islamization of the Silk Road,” answer the following questions: What role did economics play in early Muslim expansion? How did Islam spread so widely so quickly, and what was the nature of this early growth? How did non-Arabs who converted to

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