Role Of Government

YOU NEED THE FOLLOWING BOOKS BELOW*You will need to read chapter 16 and pages 649-659 on chapter 17 from the textbook “give me liberty an american history eric foner seagull vol. 2 6th edition.”*You will also need to read pages 35-39, 40-41, and 52-57 in the book “voices of freedom a documentary history eric foner vol. 2 6th edition.” In a minimum 250 word response (maximum 400), please answer the following prompt question based on the materials you have watched/read in this module.Prompt: Explain how William Graham Sumner defined liberty. How and why did he feel government intervention in the market or in providing aid to the poor diminished liberty? How did Ira Steward and the People’s (Populist) Party challenge Sumner’s definition of freedom and the role of government in American life?

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