Risk Perception

What to consider: concepts related to the assessment of risk and probability, and the influence of these assessments on decision-making. For this paper I would like you to apply what you have learned to analyze your perception of the probability of some event, and compare it with the actual probability of that event occurring. Choose an event of interest to you (risk of contracting/being diagnosed with some medical condition, risk associated with particular financial investments, risk of being a victim of crime, etc.) The event you choose is completely up to you, but that event should have some easily accessible numerical data available for helping you to assess your risk in the second part of the paper. (i.e., it should be easily Google-able.) Briefly describe the event in question. Discuss your perception of the event’s likelihood: How likely do you think it is that this event will occur? Explain why you think you have that perception. Explicitly connect to, and describe, relevant factors and concepts that we’ve discussed in class. Cite at least one reading that we’ve covered in this class. See the reading list  for easy copy/paste reference sections. Consult the Resources folder for APA for inline citation. Favor summary and paraphrasing over direct quoting. Then, discuss the actual likelihood of the event. Was your perception accurate? Why or why not? Explicitly connect to, and describe, relevant factors and concepts discussed in class.

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