Reflected Appraisals

The Assignment To understand how reflected appraisals have influenced your self-concept, try this exercise and write a response containing the results with sources from the readings to clarify what you found.  First, list five words that describe how you see yourself.  ( “loyal,” “ambitious,” “introverted,” “balanced,” “funny,” “strong,” “shy,” and “athletic.” Next, identify the particular people who have been, and are, especially significant in your life.  Try to list at least five people who matter to you. (mom, dad, daughter, sister, brother, aunt) Now, think about how these special people communicated to you about the traits you listed in the first step.  How did they express their appraisals of what you defined as important parts of yourself? (love, praise, happiness, and warmth) Can you trace how you see yourself to the appraisals reflected by particular others in your life? (yes)  How has this guided the way you communicate with others, and your own appraisal of the people you communicate with. Grading Criteria For all responses now, you are required to turn in a paper in APA format with examples to support your points.  This paper should include a reference page with a minimum of 2 academic sources.  These sources should also be used in your response as in-text citations as further support for the points you are making.  You need to save the paper as a document in .rtf .pdf .doc or .docx format and attach it.  Check for spelling and grammar before submitting.  Consult the following links for the basics on the reference page and in-text citations. Resources

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