Real Estate Investor

You have learned about monocentric city model. You learned that, although it simplifies the complexities of real-world cities, the real estate developers/investors cannot ignore this theory.Your role here is a real estate investor. You will choose ONE of the cities in the world and apply this theory. You will need to analyses the theory of monocentric city model and its principles derived from this model. At the end, you will make an investment decision based on your analysis. As a real estate investor, will you invest in the city center or periphery? It is an essay-type assignment. While writing your essay, besides paying attention to the assessment rubrics, you will pay attention to the following elements:1. Demonstrating an understanding of fundamental real estate concepts / terminologies /theories 2. Demonstrating an ability to apply concepts / theories to explain business practices General information• The content is limited to 1,000–1,200 words (excluding reference lists, graphs and tables).Remember to write down the word count at the last page of your assignment. The content (including data and graphs) should be in English. • As it is an essay type, DO NOT just provide bullet points. Please also provide a title for your essay. • As your essay must be uploaded to VeriGuide, DO NOT COPY from each other or from textbook/PPT/the questions of this assignment. Your grade will be deducted if the similarity rate is more than 20%. For every 10% increment of similarity rate, 0.5-point (out of 20- point) will be deducted. For example, if your similarly is within the range of 21% – 30%,your point will be deducted by 0.5-point (out of 20-point); if within the range of 31% – 40%,your point will be deducted by 1-point (out of 20-point); and so on. If your essay is found to have the direct copy from any sources, you will be accused of plagiarism. Thus, you are advised to use your own word while writing this essay. Please upload your essay ONCE only to VeriGuide. The VeriGuide receipt should be attached to the first page of the assignment. Remember to sign the receipt. • The citation and reference list should follow the APA system (6th edition).• The assessment of the assignment will adhere to the “Grade Descriptors for Assignment 2”. You are thus advised to follow these grade descriptors when you write your essay.

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