Quantitative Research

NO COVER PAGE This assignment aims at integrating the basic research processes in quantitative research concepts.  Select any quantitative nursing research article you are interested in (Article should be no older than 5 years). Compare and comment on the various sections of the study based on the ideal steps of the research process. Choose the study from a peer-reviewed journal, not a mere internet site. Ensure that the chosen article will enable you to answer the questions needing to be addressed in the article critique assignment.  Based on the steps of an ideal research process, read and critique the entire study using the information from Chapter 12 of the course textbook. Provide definitions and explanations of applicable steps of the research process before each critique. Be sure to reference statements cited from the course textbook and the research study throughout the critique writing. Be sure to adhere to the Evaluation of Scholarly Paper Rubric.  Questions to address: (Answers cannot be just Yes or NO; state why) Problem Statement and Purpose of Study  o Identify the problem statement and/or purpose of the study  o Is the problem significant to nursing?  o Does the purpose narrow and clarify the aim of the study?  Literature Review  o Does the literature review demonstrate progressive development of ideas through previous research? What is the relationship of this study to similar previous studies in the literature review?  o Does the literature review provide a rationale (gap) and direction for the study?  o Are the findings of previous studies used to generate the research problem and purpose?  Theoretical Framework  o Is a theoretical knowledge base (framework) developed for the problem and purpose? If a framework is provided, is it adequate to explain the phenomenon of concern?  Objectives, Research Questions and Hypotheses  o Identify the hypotheses or research questions  o Are the objectives, questions, or hypotheses expressed clearly?  o Are the objectives, questions, or hypotheses logically linked to the research purpose and framework?  Variables  o Identify Research Variables-Independent and dependent variables of the study.  o Are the variables conceptually and operationally defined?  Research Method/Design  o Identify the quantitative research design of the study  o Is the design used the most appropriate to obtain the needed data?  o Is the design logically linked to the sampling method and statistical analyses?  Participants/Subjects  o Describe the subjects being studied with inclusion and exclusion criteria  o Are any subjects excluded from the study based on age, socioeconomic status, or race, without a sound rationale?  Sample Size  o Identify the sampling method used in the study.  o Is the sampling method adequate to produce a representative sample?  o Were the sampling criteria appropriate for the type of study conducted?  o Was power analysis used to determine sample size?  Ethical Considerations  o Are the rights of human subjects protected?  o How were consents obtained? Are there any other ethical considerations?  Data Collection  o What are the data collection methods? Are the data collection methods ethical?  o Are the instruments clearly described?  o Are validity and reliability of the instruments described?  Data Analysis  o What statistical measures were used in data analysis?   o Are data analysis procedures appropriate to the type of data collected?  Results/Findings  o What are the results or findings of the study?  o Are findings discussed in relation to each objective, question, or hypothesis?  o Are the findings clinically significant?  o How much confidence can be placed in the study findings?  Conclusion  o Do the conclusions fit the findings from the analyses?  o Are conclusions based on statistically significant and clinically significant results?  o For which populations can the findings be generalized?  Limitations  o What are the study limitations? Are there limitations the researcher did not identify? Implications for Practice and Future Research  o Does the author indicate the implications of the findings for practice?  o Discuss how the research findings can be applied to nursing practice  o Does the author indicate the implications of the findings for further research? What future research can be envisioned?

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