Primary Coding

Finish Coding the rest of Jaylen’s excel sheet. Use the directions below to help you and the coding example sheet attached.  Step 1: Start by finishing the first-level coding (primary coding)  people’s answers. Think of this stage as dumping everything out that’s in a bucket to a) see what’s even in the bucket and b) sort it into fairly specific piles (such as two people are saying the exact same thing just with slightly different wording).  Step 2: After you’ve finished Step 1, look over your codes and think about what the second-order coding might look like. How would you group these aspects together? Remember that we want to come up with categories of goals that describe “what did this person want to accomplish with their communication?” We want these categories to be mutually exclusive (what fits into one category doesn’t fit into any others) but also not so broad and overarching that we only end up with two-three categories. I started brainstorming a codebook and categories, and then ended up mainly writing down questions that I felt needed to be resolved to figure out the overarching categories (I created a second sheet to brainstorm in and started trying to recode everything at the second-order in the first sheet in the notes column; you can organize this however).

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