Pre-existing Brand

Choose a pre-existing brand or designer. You are working as a stylist designer for this brand. Using the 6 steps in the product development process, create a new product or line for this preexisting name.  Sketch, Cost Analysis, trend board, sample, or any kids of diagram to explain production/distribution/visual display. Plan the product(s)/line. How will you conduct your research? Consider trends, colors, fabrics, and other materials. Create a trend board. A trend board is a visual representation of things that affect the target customer.  Define the specific consumer group Create the design(s) concept. Create a design sketched or developed in muslin.  Is it original and creative? Does it fit the desired image? Develop the design(s) AND Create a visual or sample. Who will create your pattern? How will they be created? Who will be your sample hand? Who will you present your design to? How are you going to assign a style number? How will CAD CAM or CIM help?  Plan production. This is where the product development process begins. Consider sourcing. Where will the components of the garment be purchased, cut, sewn and packaged? Determine the final cost of production. Initiate production. Cutting; including grading, marking, and spreading material. How will computers play a role? Sewing; robotic, computerized, or single hand sewing? Finishing the product; buttons, zippers, washing, dyeing, pressing, hanging etc. Inspecting the Product; Quality assurance or QA Distribute the product. Sales tickets and bar codes must be added. Shipments must be consolidated and sent to retailers by truck, rail, air or sea. Consider the recut process.

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