Population Health

Health Education Project ProposalObjectives:The student will develop a proposal for a health education/health promotion program in a non-acute community setting, using community health concepts, community assessment skills and collaboration with patients, families, health professionals or community groups.***Please note: you are not to include the actual presentation that you are proposing. The purpose of this assignment is to think and plan how you will go about presenting health education in the community.Identify a health education need in your chosen community. It should be the same community selected for your windshield survey. IN THIS CASE It will  be RANDOLPH,MAIdentify a site where you would hold a community education session. Ideas for community sites include: local public health departments, schools, senior centers, libraries, occupational health locations, health fairs, children’s programs such as girl/boy scouts, public service shops such as barber shops/auto repair shops and community based clinics.***Please note: you are not to include the actual presentation that you are proposing. The purpose of this assignment is to think and plan how you will go about presenting health education in the community.Your proposal will be shared via a PowerPoint presentation. It should include the following elements:Slide 1: Include a title slide with your name, project title, community of interest, target population, and proposed site to deliver your education.Slide 2: Provide a brief overview of the community and target population you have chosen.Slide 3: Which data did you collect that helped you to identify the learning need? Explain the significance of the problem you are addressing.Slide 4: Which Healthy People 2030 objective does your teaching activity address? (include the specific number of the objective also). Example: Reduce pregnancies in adolescents – FP-03Slide 5: What are your learning objectives? (Learner oriented. Please see interactive module 4.8 for more information about developing learning objectives.)Slide 6: Which teaching methods and materials will you use? (lecture, discussion, role playing, etc; Poster, slides, handouts, brochures, websites)Slide 7: What social determinants of health may you want to consider when developing your education (poverty, food insecurity, health literacy, education levels)?Slide 8: Which learning domain are you are you gearing your education to? (Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor)Slide 9: What levels of prevention are you directing your education towards?  (Primary, secondary, tertiary)Slide 10: What health literacy factors do you need to consider? What important cultural considerations are there? Identify the impact of poverty and educational levels (social determinants of health).Slide 11: What are important contextual (location description, temperature, noise level, etc.) factors to consider?Slide 12: References***We can share ideas on the topic of the health education proposal before you start working on the paper**

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