Political System

Topic #6: Politics at the Movies Learning about American politics shouldn’t be restricted to books and class notes, especially when we are all sequestered at home.  For this option, you must watch any one of the following, politically-themed movies and write an essay containing all of the elements listed below:   Allegiance (musical) All the President’s Men American Factory (documentary) The American President The Best Man Bobby Bob Roberts Bulworth The Candidate Charlie Wilson’s War The Contender Dave Deterrence The Distinguished Gentlemen Dolores (Documentary) Frost/Nixon     JFK Knock Down the House (documentary) Malcolm X The Manchurian Candidate Milk Mr. Smith Goes to Washington On the Basis of Sex Primary Colors RBG (documentary) The Seduction of Joe Tynan Sicko The Social Dilemma (documentary) Thirteenth (documentary) W The War Room (documentary) Wag the Dog   Provide a detailed summary of the movie’s plot.  Please be sure to actually watch the movie and write the summary in your own words.  Remember that I can search movie reviews and plot synopses just as easily as you can and that this class observes a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. Identify and discuss at least two political/governmental concepts contained in the movie that we have also covered in class discussions and/or readings. Provide your own review of the movie, discussing such items as the quality of the acting, the quality of the script, the movie’s overall entertainment value, etc. Discuss whether or not your chosen movie would be a good choice to show in a POLSC 1 class like ours in order to advance students’ understanding of the U.S. political system.

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