Policy Implementation

For this assignment you will read Grijalva et al. (2020). Write a paper that (1) summarizes the article and (2) describes how you can apply the study’s findings. Your paper should be approximately 2 pages long, double spaced, Time News Roman, and size 12 font. Your response should answer MOST of the following questions: Summary (no more than one paragraph): Why was this study needed? How did it address a current gap in the literature? What was the rationale for how the author(s) came up with their hypotheses? If they mention a theory, explain how that theory was used to build their argument for their hypotheses. What are the key variables in this study? Be sure to label the variables as predictor variables, dependent variables, mediator variables, and/or moderator variables. What were the study’s key findings? Were results as the author(s) expected? Application: Imagine you are hired by an organization as a conslutant. How can the study’s findings be applied to organizations? What can organizations do with the results of this study? Be specific. (Ideas: training, intervention, implementing new policies or procedures) To what extent are the study’s findings generalizable to other contexts? Can this study be applied to workers who do not work traditional 9 to 5 jobs? What about other countries? Can you think of any context, aside from work, where the study’s findings might be applicable? How so? To what extent are your personal experiences consistent or not consistent with these findings? How so? Why do you think that is? Be specific! Was there anything that you found to be particularly interesting or surprising while reading the article? What was it? Why did you find it interesting/surprising? The rubric for this assignment is available here.

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