Personification In Literature

MUST BE IN MLA FORMAT. You must have a thesis in which you make a specific claim about the poem(s) on which you choose to focus. This claim should indicate the argument you will be making about the poem and provide a direct response to the prompt. In the body of your essay, offer close analysis of the details and specific textual evidence to support your thesis.  DO NOT make claims about how events make a poem more “interesting” or “engaging,” how they make the reader more “curious,” or how they heighten suspense. Such claims are usually true enough and can often be quite insightful, but they are not the kind of arguable claims that most often lead to engaged or engaging analytical essays. Your feelings, hunches, and guesses do not provide adequate support for your claims in an academic essay. PROMPT: Write an essay exploring how personification (Figure of speech) contributes to the emotional effect of the poem and its theme. POEM/SOURCE: “Because I could not stop for Death” By Emily Dickinson

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