Oil and Gas Industry

Hi, here are the instructions for the 2 page paper. Prompt: It is no doubt that the current pandemic (COVID-19) has crippled several industries here in the United States. While the oil and gas industry seems to be recovering (slowly), the pandemic coupled with the fall in gas prices is still a major concern for this industry. However, some companies, particularly in the Permian Basin Area (Midland, Texas) are finding ways to navigate through these uncertain and troubling times. after reading the prompt you need to do the following: Discuss some of the strategies that oil and gas companies are implementing to stay afloat. Give some specific company examples in your discussion. Be sure to cite your sources.  and please Ensure responses to questions are meaningful, reflective. Support statements with concepts from course readings (I will send some chapters here)  refer to personal experience, and some examples. Attached here are  4 PDF’s with chapters  8-9-12-13-14 from the book  “Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting, 6 Edition” by Charlotte Wright.  YOU MUST INCLUDE 1 CITATION FROM THE BOOK! so try to find anything related to the topic in any of these chapters and please include it on the paper.

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