Nuclear Weapon

choose a topic, find two opposing viewpoints (sources) on the topic, and talk about how your chosen topic can be ambiguous (as in, how facts can be “inconclusive” or even contradictory.) A topic example from another class (Western Civ II), which obviously you cannot use, would be explaining how Japan and the United States both view the dropping of two Atomic bombs on Japan at the end of the WWII. In this case, you could look at one source from the U.S. and one source from Japan regarding this event and you would be able to answer the following questions: How are these two perspectives different? Why would these two perspectives be different?Regarding the two sources: they have to be the same type of historical account: either both sources have to be primary/eye-witness accounts, or both have to be secondary accounts/perspectives of your chosen topic.Summarize the two opposing viewpoints you have found within your two chosen sources. After summarizing each opposing viewpoint/source and explaining how they’re similar and different, you will analyze and explain how your topic can be distorted or clouded with regards to history. Conclude your essay stating which viewpoint you believe is more accurate, and then discuss if you believe that your own perspectives and culture have influenced your research and opinions on the sources.The essay needs to be college standard: 12-pt Font, Times New Roman, and double-spaced. Use Turabian/Chicago format for your essay; this means using the link provided below to help format the citations for your two sources in a Works Cited/Bibliography page AND footnotes.

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