National Security

–Research Project: This project, which will take the form of a research paper with minimum length of 15 (fifteen) double-spaced pages, counts for 30% of your course grade (the initial submission, due at the end of Week 11, is worth 5%, and the final submission is worth 25%). The paper will include a properly formatted bibliography chiefly utilizing sources other than ones listed on the syllabus. While course readings may be referenced in the writing of your paper, they are not to constitute more than 25% of sources used.Your topic is the National Security Strategy of a US Administration of your choice in the post-Civil War era. A complete, A-grade paper, will have all of the following components:–Description of national security threat(s) the administration is seeking to address, domestic and foreign.–The role of the armed forces in addressing that threat, including the type of forces deemed required.–The role of the intelligence community–Presence or absence of allies, and their motivations for supporting/not supporting the US.–Domestic policies in furtherance of the national security strategy–Assessment of the strategy’s effectiveness/success, including reasons for success or failure. Which of the above proved the weak link?Which of the above was more than up to the task?–Last but not least: Discussion of relevance to the current US national security…predicament.What are we doing better? Worse? Lessons to be drawn from past mistakes or triumphs?

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