Microbial Metabolism

Hello, the two sources needed are the ones that I will be providing. The link to the first source for the essay is going to be copied down below! The second source will be uploaded as a PDF file. The instructions for the assignments are going to be under the link. First source: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-03/guf-nmd033020.php Instructions: Write a 650- to 750-word summary of the research article. Please stick to the word range. Be sure to explain how this work leads to the news report claim that the authors have DISCOVERED A New metabolism in bacteria. use the questions as outlined below to help guide you in writing your summary article. Before sitting down to write your summary, ask yourself the following questions: Why did the study make the news? What is the major new finding or paradigm shift associated with this study? What evidence is used to support the claims or conclusions? What methods were used to gather this evidence? What are the advantages and/or limitations of the research strategy or methods used? Were any conclusions made that are not supported by evidence? What are the next steps that could be taken to advance this research to the next stage? What are the big questions remaining to be answered in the field?

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