Metropolitan Museum Of Art

paper is about the art work “Adoration of Shepherds” from Andrea Mantegna (accession number 14.40.602, gallery 964) which is in Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Begin by identifying the artist, subject, medium, and date of execution. How has the artist composed the work? Has the artist presented the subject convincingly? How the artist’s technique affects the work’s overall appearance and discuss this in terms of the choice of medium. Do we know who commissioned this piece? If so, describe why they did. If not, speculate what type of institution or person did so based on the piece’s historical context. Speculate on how the patron’s desires affect the work’s appearance. How the work fits within or differs from the stylistic tradition of its era. Discuss how the work resembles or differs from art works in 15th century. Do you think the artist has created a visually enticing work? Does it appeal to you?

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