Mayan Civilization

Instructions from the professor. The essay prompt below is below Essay has to have at least 3- 5 Pages   What was the importance and role of rituals, ceremonies, and sacrifices in Mayan civilization? Recently caves and cenotes were discovered, hosting ritual objects, that give some clues to the rise and fall of Mayan civilization. Do you think, by studying these caves and cenotes, it’s possible to learn some lessons on how to best use the environment today, in terms of sustainability for the future? How the Mayan Ball game “Tlachti” relates to the social, political, and religious aspects of the Mayan civilization? Refer the latest article published on March 4th @ the URL  (Links to an external site.)  . You must also refer to the primary sources from the book “Sources of World Societies” pages 153-158. Cite all the references. is the article to refer from.  Thank you

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