Mathematics And Statistics

In this discussion, you will share your thoughts and reactions to the week’s readings by engaging in conversation around a set of prompts. You should discuss at least 2 of the prompts in a meaningful way and contribute at least total 3 posts. You may also discuss any general thoughts or questions about this week’s reading and assignments. As this discussion is intended to be a conversation, try to write posts that respond to others as well as contribute new ideas.Some general guidelines for online discussion forum netiquette (Links to an external site.) from Peter Connor can be found here. The prompts for this week are as follows:Discuss the 4 abuses of percentages (3 from the textbook and 1 from the Ellenberg excerpt). Why are they considered abuses? Can you create your own examples of each? Have you personally seen percentages misapplied in any of these ways?Use the National Ocean Service website (Links to an external site.) to find both the average depth of the ocean and the deepest depth of the ocean. If you scaled these depths using the HO model train scale (1/87) and built a model ocean, how many feet below a model train platform would you have to build? Compare these measurements to something else to try to give perspective on how deep that is.Find a Fermi problem online that interests you. Write the problem here and cite your source. You may also solve the problem if you like.How do significant digits help in reporting numbers that are uncertain? Give some reasons to be cautious when reading or viewing numbers in the media.Explain some of the errors involved in creating the CPI. Why might these be a problem, and how might they be corrected?Based on what you know from the Bible about our human nature, what does it say about us that we feel the need to quantify everything and place such trust in numbers? With numbers reported deceptively or misinterpreted so easily, is there any value in quantitatively analyzing things (politics, medical tests, crime, etc.)? if you could just do your best and give me something to turn in thank you. Links for the assignment are provided above.

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