Life Changing Events

Write a comparison-contrast essay discussing a life changing event. Focus on specific similarities and differences. Focus on the how you were as a person BEFORE the event and AFTER the event. Focus on your thoughts,beliefs, perspectives or actions. How did they change? What was different about your environment? What made you change perspective? ESSAY CRITERIA: Introductory Paragraph contains: Hook Background Information (The Actual Event) Thesis: (the focus of your paper- your “change”) Paragraph One contains: (this may end up being broken up into two or three more paragraphs depending on how many points you want to make) BEFORE the event Paragraph Two contains:(this may end up being broken up into two or three more paragraphs depending on how many points you want to make) AFTER the event Conclusion: Tie it all up, how did the event change you. Objectives Students will practice different types of invention strategies. Students will appeal to the emotions of their audience in their own essays. Students will write effective introductions. Students will experiment with analytical skills. Students will practice comparison and contrast. Evaluation Criteria The most important thing is that you fully use your analytical skills in using the appropriate rhetorical structure. I will be looking to see how well you appeal to your audience and how well you stress the logical and emotional aspects of your association with the person/place. Also, I will be looking for the use of opening and concluding strategies. The style will be formal, and I want to see how well you can utilize the standards of American Edited English. I will be looking to see how well you incorporate comparisons and differences into your essay. I will focus on the quality of your introduction. I am not looking for grammatical perfection, but the essay must be readable and free of mechanical errors that distract your reader. I will be looking at how well you meet ALL MLA guidelines and format INCLUDING, headings, parenthetical citations, and works cited page. All these criteria will be considered in light of the Gordon Rule Rubric.

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