Intersection Of Ableism

Read Gorski & Pothini (2018) Chapter 8: Cases on (Dis)ability and select one of the mini cases.  Provide a reflection of how issues of privilege, power, and inequality converge on race within the mini case that you selected.   How do you think your own personal ability identity will affect your view of those who identify as the same and different than yours will impact your work as a social worker?   Discuss how ableism is demonstrated within the case and what are some of the barriers that the student/family experience.  Discuss the intersection of ableism with other multicultural identities (ie. sex, class, age, race etc.) and how does this impact the child/family.   Lastly, discuss what micro, macro, and mezzo recommendations/interventions might a social worker utilize to address ableism (disability oppression) that a client, community and/or organization may be experiencing or have experienced.

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