International Tourism

A comparative analysis of international tourists’ satisfaction in Mongolia Since you have been using the Mongolia data provided, to review this article on tourist satisfaction in Mongolia. This article surveys four groups of international tourists about their satisfactions with travel products, services, prices and experience in Mongolia and their future purchase behavior. It applies both descriptive and inferential statistics in analyzing the survey data. It reveals different satisfaction levels expressed by the four international tourist groups. Read the article and answer the following questions. Answer these questions as complete as you can, your critique must be at least three typed and double-spaced pages. What is the purpose of this study? What factors have influenced the growth of international tourism in Mongolia? What are the different dimensions (or aspects) of tourism satisfaction discussed in Literature Review section (Tourism Satisfaction: Conceptual Background, pp.3-4)? How was the survey instrument designed? What limitations can you find with the data collection procedure? Examining the variable service in Table 4 on p. 8, interpret the mean and standard deviation for the whole sample, and then compare satisfaction levels by the four international tourist groups. What is the function of F statistics reported in Table 4, such as F=25.15 for the variable nightlife? What does the asterisk * symbol mean when it is superscripted to some F statistics in Tables 4, 6 & 8? What does the footnote p<.05 mean in Tables 4, 6 & 8? What is the function of Scheffe test, such as Europe vs. US with p-value = <.0001 for adventure variable in Table 9 on p. 10? Are the international tourists satisfied with their travel in Mongolia as a whole sample and by region? Explain. This article is published in Tourism Management (2006), Volume 27, pp. 1331-1342

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